What To Mine at Tyche!

TycheCash is based on the CryptoNight algorithm and is mineable in various ways.

How to mine TycheCash coins!

Want to mine some TycheCash coins but don’t know where to start? Here you will find everything you need to know about the CryptoNight algorithm that TycheCash is using and how to mine it.

There are generally four options to mine CryptoNight coins with hardware.

Mine with the CPU

  • + Everybody has one
  • + Easy for beginners
  • + Flexibility
  •  Hardly profitable

Use your graphics card for mining

  • + Good efficiency
  • + Can be profitable
  • + Flexibility
  •  Investment costs
  •  Maintenance

Specialized hardware just for mining

  • + Extremely efficient
  •  Investment costs
  •  CN classic only
  •  Bricked by algorithm changes

Mining with others people’s hardware

  • + No hardware invest
  • + Easy to operate
  •  Hardly profitable
  •  Scam risk

Mining software

Most miners run on Linux and Windows, but generally Windows gets the latest drivers and updates first. For the best results we recommend using Windows for your mining rig.

Software examples that can be used for mining TycheCash:

Cast XMR

XMR Stak CPU & GPU (AMD/NVIDIA) Easy to use CPU + GPU Mining App
XMRig CPU Lightweight but powerful CPU Mining App
XMRig-AMD OpenCL (AMD) XMRIG version for AMD GPU
XMRig-NVIDIA Cuda (Nvidia) XMRIG version for Nvidia GPU
XMRigCC CPU XMRIG Fork, optimized with remote control

More Software options are :

Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner

SRBMiner CryptoNight AMD GPU Miner

Mining Hardware Asic Setup options are (Example Antminer X3)

Miner General Configuration: Tychecash.net used in example!

USER:  stratum+tcp://tychecash.net:2999 ( Check gate and address always on pool info site )
WORKER: 9L6YOURADDRESVqfGHHEX.4000000   ( Last digits after the point is difficulty, check pool site information!)
PASSWORD:  x ( usually x unless differently configured by user )

Mining Pools for TycheCash


TycheCash Block Explorer

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