Buy TycheCoin:

TycheCoin can be purchased on Crex24! Please follow the link below to purchase TycheCoin!

Buy TycheCash:

From an Exchange

At this moment only TycheCash is available on exchanges. The safest way to buy TycheCash is through an exchange. Exchanges bring together buyers and sellers of Tyche everywhere around the world and act as an intermediary between the two. They charge a small fee for their service (this is different from exchange to exchange!).

Exchanges that currently list Tyche are:

  Exchange Fees   Comments
1 MapleChange check Maple   Not recommended Went OFFLINE!!
2 BitexBay check BitexBay   Not recommended Went OFFLINE!!
3 Altex Exchange check Altex   Not recommended Went OFFLINE!!
4 FCB Exchange check First Cryptobank   Delisted
5 BiteBTC Check BiteBTC   Not Recommended. Went OFFLINE!!
6 TychExchange Check TychExchange   Recommended.

Keep in mind that  these exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges, meaning that you will need some other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy TycheCash – they don’t accept fiat currencies such as USD or GBP or Euro. However, you should be able to buy Bitcoin easily at any of the large exchanges that accept fiat currency, such as Coinbase.

We will soon be adding Exchanges as requests have been sent out!

Buy From an TycheCash Holder in Person

The second method is to meet an TycheCash holder in person and buy directly from them with cash. Using the PC wallet, users are able to send TycheCash payments to other users of the wallet. Therefore, it is possible to buy TycheCash privately from a willing seller and have them transfer the TycheCash to your wallet. Mobile wallet development has started but may take a while before finalized.

Step by Step To Buy TycheCash after downloading a Tyche Wallet!


Open a Bitcoin wallet





Transfer BTC to one of our listed exchanges above:


Buy TycheCash